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196th Annual Exhibition: April - June 2022, The Royal Scottish Acadmey 

REVERB, Visual Arts Scotland Annual: April 2022, The Royal Scottish Acadmey

Graduate Drive Thru: September 2021, NCP Glasgow Glassford Car Park 

The Alternative Degree Show: June 2021, The Briggait

ds2020simulator: May 2020, virtual exhibition

Cry and Laugh: February 2020, Webster’s Theatre The Playroom

MESS: From The Barnes to The Civic House: January 2020, Civic House 

Assembly Line: April 2019, Pipe Factory

Council Baby (b. 1997) is a Scottish artist based in Glasgow, born in Edinburgh.

Universal dualities like isolation and belonging, connection and estrangement fuel the work of Council. Poems and drawings created whilst exploring liminal spaces like train stations, airports and telephone boxes act as the starting point for the sculptures and installations Council creates. The artist titles her work with sarcastic hard shells to balance out the works often fragile and vulnerable meaning, with each work unveiling a hidden confession.

Watching the 2002 film Catch Me if You Can as a child introduced the life long fascination with fraud, pretence and contradictions. By analysing such themes Council aims to understand the reason why we often hide behind from our emotions and to analyse how opposites can unite.

In 2016 Council gained a 3 year educational grant from rail freight company EWS to support her Sculpture and Environmental studies at Glasgow School of Art. During art school she created and produced an arts programme during a 3 month residency in New York; facilitated an arts project at Glenocil Prison and worked night shifts at a taxi call centre.

Recently Council won the 2022 RSA Benno Schotz Prize (the most promising work by a Scottish artist under 35 award) for her sculpture The Best Thing to Come Out of Edinburgh is the Train to Glasgow. Her work has featured in The Skinny, BBC News and STV News

Member: Women in Tech, Working Class Creative Database, Visual Artist Association, Scottish Artist Union, Visual Arts Scotland.