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Confrontation and benevolence, isolation and belonging, above and below, humour and disgust, shyness and seduction, affluence and destitution; the dichotomy of life and the contradictions that exist within and round us, forever being the inspiration.  

“Yanno that gorgeous looking apple that you bite into it and it’s rotten? That’s what my work is about. I’m fascinated in objects, people, situations seeming like they’re one thing but then turns out they’re the polar opposite; whilst coexistening in this universe. Growing up I was obsessed with the film Catch Me if You Can; the ability and possibility of becoming whatever and whoever you wish. Telephone boxes are continuously saluted throughout my work as they are the epitome of what Council Baby stands for; their exterior holds abandonment of dated street furniture, yet in the inside they hold so many beautiful and important conversations.”

Glasgow School of Art, Sculpture and Environmental Art Graduate, 2020
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